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Our packaged macadamia nut products are single origin, 100% grown, processed and packed on our farm. We always endeavor to make high quality products that are good value for money.

Allergy sufferers: We pack our own macadamias and nothing else with all processing done on site, so there is no chance of cross-contamination with other nuts in our products. The only ingredients not sourced directly from our farm are the canola oil and salt in the salted products.

Retail Outlets

Sorry, we do not do farm gate sales, but our products are available at the following retail outlets

Clayfield Markets
Cnr Sandgate & Junction Rd,
Brisbane Qld

Frohloff's Fruit Market
368 Peachester Rd
Beerwah Qld
Matilda Fruit Barn
840 Steve Irwin Way
Glasshouse Mtns Qld
Pasta d'Vine
48 Simpson St
Beerwah Qld

Online Shop (Under Construction)

A few people have asked about an online shop so I am looking into it at the moment. We will probably use FarmhouseDirect or something like it so we don't have to bother with security issues. If you have any suggestions or requests let me know. DB

In general if you live nearby the retail outlets listed above they will be better value because there is not the cost of postage and handling. However for those living further afield we hope to be making our products available online for Australian customers in the near future.

We are looking at making two lines available on line

Natural Raw Kernels

Price TBA
Dry Roasted Salted

Price TBA
[Picture Here]
[Picture Here]
Raw Macadamia Nuts
Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts,
Non-GMO Canola Oil (as salt adhesive),
0.5% Salt

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